Colorado Recap 2022

Hey Adventures,

We—my family and I—recently embarked on an epic road trip to Colorado, which is where we debuted in two local art shows. This is, by far, the farthest we have gone for an art show. But first, before going to the shows, we stopped to stay in the lovely Mesa Verde.

My family never got to go to Mesa Verde back when we lived in Colorado, so I was quite ecstatic to finally visit the ancient cliff dwellings of the Pueblo people. While we were there, a lovely storm rolled through and absolutely dumped rain. At the cabin we rented, we could have the door open while the storm was rolling without issue, so we could enjoy the rain in peace. The unique smell of rain was so claiming and the best part? Unlike here in Washington, the rain cleared in about an hour instead of a whole day.

The views were outstanding, and it felt like right as we were adjusting to the 8,500ft of elevation there, we were speeding off to our next destination.


Our next stop was Littleton, CO for the Affordable Arts Festival. This show was so enjoyable to be a part of! People line up super early in the morning to get all the best deals and it is a fast pace fun show for sure. You barley have time to see what the other artists have before everything is selling off the walls (everything is under $100). After the show we celebrated by going to a place called the Melting Pot, which is a super cool fondue restaurant.

Between shows, we relaxed and met up with a bunch of my old friends from Colorado. Fun fact about me: I am born in Washington, but I was raised in Colorado until the 7th grade. The hardest part about going back was getting altitude sickness in Colorado because I’ve lived so long at sea level now. We made sure to take it easy and drink tons of water, as everyone will remind you to do so up there. Reconnecting with friends went great; even after being apart for all these years, we still shared so many interests and got to share so many stories. Between meeting up with friends and having time to kill, we ended up playing a lot of board games and found a lovely little board game cafe in Littleton. If you ever find yourself in the area, Enchanted Grounds is a cozy little board game cafe that offer outstanding coffee, tea, and shakes, and the staff is incredibly welcoming and kind. It became our little home away from our hotel during the week. After all the fun and reminiscing with friends, we were off to Estes Park for our next show.

Once we got up the mountain, we spent the most time exploring Estes. Rocky Mountain National Park was just awe-inspiring. On our way to dinner one night, there was a traffic jam, and we were wondering what was going on. When we got closer, we witnessed a large amount of Elk in the shallow lake, amidst a beautiful sunset in the background. And, yes, of course, we got photos of the elk playing in the water. Our hotel in Estes was a lovely little motel that even had a s’mores area where we could make the best ooey gooey desserts. Nothing beats making s’mores on an open fire surrounded by fresh air and beautiful mountains on a clear night. One major highlight from the trip was getting to see the lovely wildlife in the area.

All n' all we had a fabulous time in the mile high state and will be sure to come back next year! 

Happy adventuring and enjoy the fall colors as the trees are starting to turn,




P.S. Some pictures are still being named and upload but if you see something from this blog and it isn't linked to a product in the shop yet let me know and I'll move that piece up in the que. -Kuria