Arizona Dec 22 Recap

So as some of you may know, I just made my first adventure to Southern Arizona! Thus crossing off yet another National Park for the year making 6 crossed off for 2022. Not gonna lie, I loved going to Saguaro National Park. It was way greener than I was thinking. I figured the amount of saguaro cacti would be similar to the amount of Joshua Trees in Joshua Tree National Park. But no, this was like a dense forest of cacti. It was really funny being down there too, as native Arizonians were all bundled up, and we were thinkin it felt like a nice summer day in Washington. I can see why so many from the PNW snowbird to Arizona. 

We went down to do two shows back to back being Tempe Festival of the Arts and Tucson 4th Street Festival. A huge thank you to anyone who came out to say hi to us. Our first show was in Tempe and we must have accidentally packed some storm clouds from Washington with us because we had record rain fall. It felt normal to us but, apparently, you don't get rain fall like that in Arizona. Not to mention the news said they hadn't gotten rain like that in over 100 years. So you're welcome Arizona. Thankfully Tucson was a little more predictably warm and sunny, at least compared to the PNW ~haha. 

My favorite part of being down there was getting to catch the sunsets. However, it was a bit too cloudy for stars so we will try and catch that next time we are down there in the spring for the next Tempe and Tucson shows :)